UK Tour Update

UK Tour Update

12 Aug 2019

Thanks to all those who attended the meeting and those who contacted me to give apologies. I am sure you are interested to know what the outcome was of the meeting and where we stand on the tour.

I have contacted the travel agents, accommodation location and a Kent coach company who have all given me provisional quotes.

We have 8 playing members who have confirmed that they wish to go on the tour and are in a position to pay a deposit and are now keen for me to start getting quotes for a group flight.

I am in need of 13+ players (with or without partners and family) confirming that they wish to come on the tour before I can move forward on any of the bookings.

There are a number of players who had showed an interest when I talked to them last season but have not contacted me at all since. I need direct contact from those still thinking about going on the tour to gauge whether there are sufficient numbers of players able and wanting to commit to this tour to make it viable. At this stage it is possible to take players who are not playing members of HNCC.

This is a ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ tour with St Lawrence CC looking forward to hosting us and building on the bridges we have already built. I am unlikely to organise this tour again in the future as my ability to manage and play in a cricket tour team with my sons will become less feasible as the years pass by.

I understand that there are a lot of issues to consider and I appreciate the difficulties in committing to what may seem quite a way from the travelling date. However, without sufficient commitment from a tour party, the tour simply will not happen.

Please feel free to contact me to clarify any questions you may have or confirm an interest, so that hopefully my next message will be confirmation of having reached the ‘minimum’ number of committed tourists and that plans are underway.

A decision as to whether I progress with the tour will be made on 23rd August so please ensure you have talked to me by then.

          Andy Reeves 


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